The one thing that will improve everything in your life!



Yes, it’s exercise. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do i personally think everybody should exercise and i want to share some ways you guys can benefit from it and ways you can implement it into your daily lives.

But first let me share with you a story on how i got started. Two years ago i was that person who would just sit around and watch T.V, browse on the internet, ate all types junk food and lived a very sedentary lifestyle. I was overweight and i couldn’t even run 300m without being out of breath, and i was 16! i was at the prime of my teenage years and i couldn’t even run 300m or do 10 pushups. After a fitness test at school i realised how poorly i did and i just felt so embarrassed and i just thought to myself well today you are changing here and now. So i just started running and doing sit ups and push ups but nothing was really changing for me because i wasn’t following a plan, and i got recommended to go and see a personal trainer and he really changed my whole perspective of how to actually exercise properly ( yes there is a proper way to do it).

So you might have some excuses like: well that’s ok for you, you were young  i can’t get fit now i am too old. Well you are never too old to start exercising, my dad is 51 years old and i got him exercising and he said he hasn’t felt as good as he does now in years. Maybe you’re saying i don’t have enough time to exercise i work for X amount of hours a week or i have other commitments. Well i work 40 hours MINIMUM a week and i have an hour of business school a day to attend and i still exercise 6 days a week. So they’re probably the biggest excuses people have and i want to help guide you to start implementing it however you can and how you can get started today!

So the first thing you want to do is be able to set a time for exercise daily, whether it be 10, 20, 30 minutes or hour, just choose a time period to start off that you know you can accomplish no matter what, just to get the ball rolling.  Here are some options for times you have to incorporate exercise into your life are :

  • Wake up a little earlier everyday
  • Stay up a little later at night
  • Cut out a little bit of time watching Tv or mindlessly browsing the internet
  • Choose a time everyday where you feel you could exercise

Now that’s four options i have given you to be able to implement exercise into your day (and if you still feel you can’t do any of them email me or leave a comment below so we can talk about it because i want to help you however i can).So you have an option that you have have chosen to exercise daily. Lets say you choose to wake up a little bit earlier in the morning and set yourself a 30 minute goal to exercise, great! now the question is what type of exercise do you want to do? There are heaps different types of exercise to choose from but just find something that interests you. Do you enjoy running,riding, or swimming? for the exercises i listed I will list some resources down below for beginner programs that you can use for each of these things. If like me you enjoy lifting weights i suggest you do your own research in regards to how much time you have to do a workout. If you don’t like the websites i have linked just do some research yourself to find something that might suit you but if you need help, you know where to find me.

Excellent you have now started exercising, it’s been a week or a month and you have already started noticing benefits. You feel more energetic, more happy, you might find you are able to blitz something that may have tired you out before you started exercising but really everyone experiences different benefits and i promise you that you will experience benefits. You might want to start increasing your workout times now since you are enjoying it so much, great! cut out a little more time for it.

Don’t get burnt out or lose motivation! If you miss a day get right back on it tomorrow, if you feel you could have pushed yourself harder don’t beat yourself up just make up for it, if you feel you are getting burnt out and you feel yourself getting sore take a day off and recover, never get stuck in a rut that brings you down and makes you feel like i can’t be bothered to do this anymore because you will wind up back at square one and having to start all over again or just stop completely.  If you start to feel like this is more of a chore than anything find a way to make it fun, set yourself a goal to beat or do it with a friend and make it social, remember the more fun you make it for yourself the more you will want to do it and the harder you can push yourself. Exercise is hands down the best thing you can do for yourself, period.

So there it is, I hope you start implementing exercise in your life everyday because i know that the rewards you get from it will be amazing. If you have any questions on this topic feel free to email me at:

One Final question for you, what type of exercise do you do?




Cycling :


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