Sitting is Killing you!



Did you ever think that when you sit down for long periods of time you could be shortening your lifespan? I didn’t either.

Since the start of this year i have changed from sitting down all the time to spending about 80% of the time on my feet, and honestly i have never felt better! I want to share with you how you can start sitting less, and being on your feet more.

On average humans spend at least 8 hours a day sitting. Notice the word average for you and me it is probably alot longer or shorter but still. Think about it you drive to work to sit at a desk for 7-10 hours a day, you might get up to go for an occasional walk but that’s about it, then you sit in your car in traffic and go home to sit on a couch and watch tv and maybe read a book or sit at your computer desk and browse the web, and that’s pretty much your whole day you spent sitting down. Maybe you’re saying yes that may be some people but i exercise every day, well that just doesn’t cut it anymore you have to do more than the average recommended guidelines of exercise.

So how can you start sitting less? well that’s easy. I know that it is hard to do at work because you work at a desk job but just get up more often, go for more walks around the office and have a chat to a co-worker instead of sending emails. If your boss wont like you walking around just stand up every half an hour and at least do some stretches. If your work isn’t to far away consider walking or riding to work instead of just sitting in your car, if you catch the train stand up instead of sitting down it’s simple! Try and reduce watching tv and sitting down and do more exercise, throw in your earphones and listen to your favourite music or podcast and just clear your mind and go for a walk for half an hour to an hour. You can reap so many benefits by just changing your habit from sitting down  to standing up and moving more often.

One more thing that i have done personally is created a standing desk. You can go and buy yourself a really good one which are usually about $80-300  or you can make one yourself by using books to stack up or blocks to raise your desk. Now if you decide to do this, make sure you get yourself a nice comfortable pair of shoes or a standing mat because at first your feet will get very sore,  believe me! also at first your lower back and hamstrings will probably hurt and that will be because of your body not being used to standing for so long and also your hamstrings aren’t used to being stretched out for so long, but it is a good thing and it will adapt in time, just stretch your hamstrings and that will also help. 

Here is a photo of a self made standing desk


These are just some easy ways you can fit standing into your life today. So do it, just make one small change at a time and start working yourself up to stand and move around longer and longer, just do it for your health’s sake and start living the better life.

Before i go i have a question, how have you changed your sitting habits?



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