Becoming more Productive.


Do you ever feel like you just aren’t being productive enough? Well you definitely aren’t alone, i used to feel like that and i am sure so many other people feel like that. So today i am just going to share some tips you can implement today and increase your productivity. 

Get a pen and paper and just take some time to do the things i am reccomending. First write down what you want to do in life.. for me it is to own a business and help people however i can. The next thing you want to do is to write down a list of what you did today and how long for. Yes write down everything!  from when you woke up until your head hit that pillow again to sleep, write it all down. Now next to each thing you did for the day i want you to put a symbol next to each of these activities which are: TW (Time Waster) P(productive) O(outsourcing) . For example you might say well i spent and hour on facebook(TW) and i worked on my business for half an hour(P). Be honest with yourself when doing this. After i first did this it was probably the biggest reality check for me. You will realize how much TW will pop up (unless you are already really productive).

Now you have what your usual day looks like and where you waste the most time in the day. So if you can i suggest you reschedule your day and do the things that will work towards your goal at the time of the day where you are most productive. For me it is as soon as i wake up the first thing i do from 5:00am until 6:00 is working towards my goal because that is when there are the least amount of distractions in my day and when i am most productive. It might be different for you so it might take some reflection to figure out when you are at your best. Just make small changes at a time to make it manageable and break it into bite sized chunks you can easily complete just to get the ball rolling. 

If you want to block off a certain amount of time from social networking sites and things i have a website that i personally don’t use because i have built up my willpower to stay off it for my first hour, but if you need some help i suggest using this

You will begin to notice how much more you can accomplish and how much you improve in your productivity when you start focusing more time on the things that will matter to you in the future.

One Question i want to leave you with. What type of tips do you have for becoming more productive? 

Leave a comment below with your tips.


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