Do you know someone who doesn’t drink enough water?

All i used to do was drink anything BUT  water. It was either coke,mother, red bull, monster or any  you name it and i drank it. I never thought i needed to drink water, i was quite happy just chugging down these sugary drinks not caring what i did to my body, i just thought hey i’m young nothing can hurt me!

I used to get crazy sugar crashes and then i would reach for another can of soft drink just to get me going again. Then one day while i was surfing the net i stumbled across a website which had all these facts about water and i thought to myself yeah right as if water could be that beneficial to me, but since i have always enjoyed self experimentation i decided to cut out all fizzy drinks for a week and see how i felt.

Let me tell you the first couple of days i felt like crap! I had stopped my main sugar intake so i just felt like i had no energy and i was getting headaches. The first few days i was thinking to myself this is just making it worse. But after three days i felt fine. I started feeling great, like i had never felt before and this was all just from changing from fizzy drinks to water. In a month i actually lost a few kilos because i wasn’t consuming all of those other nasty drinks, i feel fuller so i don’t eat as much and i always feel full of energy and ready to go. I am so glad i changed my habit because it has really made such a big difference and i want to help you all live better too. So here are the facts about water:

The human body is made up of about 65% of water. We need it to function in our every day lives, and the benefits of it are incredible.

  • It aids in digestion,
  • makes your skin look healthier,
  • helps you feel more full so you don’t overeat,
  • keeps your kidneys healthy (so they can properly flush out toxins),
  • contributes to regular healthy bowel movements,
  • provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues.

These are only some of the benefits it has. Even with all the known benefits of water people still don’t drink enough, on average human beings only drink half the amount of water they should be which means you might not be working to your best potential. Wouldn’t it feel good if you have more energy and just felt like you could function better during the day? When you don’t drink enough water you aren’t able to perform at your best, you can feel tired and fatigued, have no energy and not even be able to think straight also Just losing 2% of your bodyweight in fluid can decrease performance by up to 25% that’s a massive drop in your capability!

To always feel at your best i recommend drinking plenty of water daily. On the contrary to much water can also be detrimental to your health so you should try and find the right balance for you. There are ways to determine the right amount of water for your body (keep in mind that everyone’s water needs are different).

You can:

  • Drink enough water so that your urine is always clear
  • Take your body weight(in pounds) and divide it by 2 and that’s how many oz to consume
    for example 200 pounds/2=100 oz of water
  • Or you can just follow the basic guide of drinking 8 glasses a day.

The second formula is my favourite it works for me and i feel great all the time, not feeling too bloated or having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Now also remember that is for an average person if you are somebody who like me  exercises consistently you need to take in more water than that and the rule is to add another 20 oz to your intake for every hour of excersise, but for me i just drink when i’m thirsty while i’m excising. Everybody is different so find out what works with you and stick with it.

Don’t try and cheat your way to drinking all the water you can in the span of half an hour because you will only make it worse for yourself because your body isn’t used to being bombarded with that much water at one time. Instead portion your water out during  the day so you get a nice steady intake of water without the results of bloating.

As you can see it is so important for everyone to drink more water, so go to your tap/cooler/fridge pour yourself a tall glass of water and enjoy the benefits of living a longer,healthier and more hydrated life.

I hope this helps you on your journey to living a better life.


4 thoughts on “Do you know someone who doesn’t drink enough water?

    • Yea I know how hard it is at the start to try and increase your water intake but once you get used to drinking more you will notice the benefits. Small steps at a time my friend 🙂

      • Ha ha ha,
        I have had them a liter today and feel like I got full of it in my stomach!

        Anyway thank you for sharing this reminder of how important water is to our body.

        My regards from Bali, Indonesia 🙂

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