No matter who you are, You should read.



When i was younger i used to hate reading, the books i got given to read for my assignments were boring and i just hated being told what to read. I used to think to myself i could just play video games and enjoy myself instead of reading a boring old book, reading is for old people anyways… but oh how wrong i was. About 20 months ago a cyclone hit my city the power was out for 2 days and i had nothing to do, i was sitting around the house bored out of my mind, and i don’t know why the thought came over me but i decided i would pick up a book and kill some time.The book i picked up that day was called how to win friends and influence people, and it only took me two days to finish it.

 I was shocked about how much i could learn and apply from just this one book, and i wanted to learn more, and ever since i started reading i have not stopped. After i started reading a few books and increasing my time from reading 5 minutes a day to one hour a day i devour books easily. I found a forum online that is called 52 books in 52 weeks and the goal is simple to read one book a week. It is good to set a pace for yourself and you also make reading a priority to get the book done that week, i find it very stimulating to keep trying to push myself to read more books. Now i want to help you guys start reading and broaden your mind.

 Haven’t you ever wanted to increase your intelligence? or be able to understand bigger more complex words? OK maybe that does’t sound appealing to you, what about if you just want to escape reality for a bit and let a book take your imagination on a journey, do you know how creative you can be when you imagine a scene in your head instead of letting the tv show you pictures. You are able to stretch your creative side and increase your intelligence just by reading words off paper!

So right now your probably thinking but long books are boring or i don’t know what I’m interested in or i don’t have time to read. I was in the same boat as you i just kept finding excuses at first not to read; but you know what i did i just kept picking up different genres of books and found the ones i like and i suggest you do the same.  If you say you don’t have time to read i don’t believe you, everybody has 24 hours a day so you can easily find time. Instead of sitting on Facebook for half an hour why not take 5 minutes out of that time to read, why not read on your lunch break? read before you go to bed? I just gave you 3 easy options to start reading so you don’t have an excuse not to read. You don’t have to pick up the thickest and biggest book you can find, just start with something easy and build yourself up and over time you will be surprised on how fast you go through a book.

I feel it is good keeping a list of books you read so if you have a favourite you can remember if you ever want to read it again. I find the easiest way to do that is by going onto, it is a free website that helps you save books you have read and it even helps you with suggestions to books you might like.If you want to see what i read have a look on the side bar beside this post to see my goodreads account and add me as a friend, i love to see what other people are reading, and what books they have read. If you want to talk more about books with me feel free to send me an email which i will post down the bottom.

So i have a question for you. What book are you currently reading at the moment?


I hope this helps you on living the better life


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